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Category: Issue 1

Sapphire & Steel: Like A Piece of Darkness

“Even in those, some would say, more daring times, there’d been nothing quite like this…” In Like A Piece of Darkness, Peter Gouldson dives into the mystique of Sapphire & Steel […]

Issue 1 Lineup

Lineup for Chromakey Issue 1: Lost In Space (old & new) Altered Carbon The Starlost Gary Conway Interview A Very British Coup UFO Gargoyles Sapphire & Steel Failed 1970s Genre […]

ISSUE 1 PREVIEW: The Starlost

The giant Earthship Ark, drifting through deep space over 800 years into the far future. Its passengers, descendants of the last survivors of the dead planet Earth, locked in separate […]

PREVIEW ISSUE 1: A Very British Coup

Those of you who enjoy British political espionage thrillers will be interested to know that the debut issue of Chromakey will be taking a look at the 1988 mini-series A […]

NEWS: Update on Issue 1

A quick update on CHROMAKEY ISSUE 1 – we’ve finished editing all of the articles for publication and are currently working away on the layout for the very first issue.  […]