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Category: Gerry Anderson

Chromakey Recommends “Andersonic”

All of us here at Chromakey are great fans of the British fanzine Andersonic (produced/edited by Richard Farrell) which is devoted to all things Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.  Each issue […]

Zienia Merton RIP

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Zienia Merton, 73, who most of you will remember for her role as Sandra Benes in Space: 1999. Born in […]

REVIEW: UFO: Destruction

UFO DESTRUCTION Episode Review by Bob Furnell Wow! That was a great episode. I really enjoyed that one. It’s been a bit of awhile since I last sat down and […]

EPISODE REVIEW: The Secret Service

The Secret Service A Question of Miracles Review by Bob Furnell The Secret Service was the last Supermarionation series of the 1960s to be made by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.  […]