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Category: Episode Review

REVIEW: UFO: Destruction

UFO DESTRUCTION Episode Review by Bob Furnell Wow! That was a great episode. I really enjoyed that one. It’s been a bit of awhile since I last sat down and […]

REVIEW: DOOMWATCH: Re-entry Forbidden

RE-ENTRY FORBIDDEN Season 1, Episode 6 Reviewed by Bob Furnell Space travel.  Something that likely fascinates many of us.  But, what of the astronauts involved.  What types of strain and […]

EPISODE REVIEW: The Secret Service

The Secret Service A Question of Miracles Review by Bob Furnell The Secret Service was the last Supermarionation series of the 1960s to be made by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.  […]

REVIEW: Doomwatch Project Sahara

DOOMWATCH: PROJECT SAHARA Season 1, Episode 5 Project Sahara proves to be a rather interesting episode. It asks the question, “should computers be allowed the right to have the final […]

Issue 2 Group Episode Review

As many of you will know by now, one of the regular features we’ll be having in the magazine is a group review of selected episodes from select TV series.  […]