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Category: British TV

Sapphire & Steel: Like A Piece of Darkness

“Even in those, some would say, more daring times, there’d been nothing quite like this…” In Like A Piece of Darkness, Peter Gouldson dives into the mystique of Sapphire & Steel […]

PREVIEW ISSUE 1: A Very British Coup

Those of you who enjoy British political espionage thrillers will be interested to know that the debut issue of Chromakey will be taking a look at the 1988 mini-series A […]

Doctor Who Series 11 Debuts October 7

Doctor Who is to move from its traditional Saturday night slot, the BBC has confirmed. The 10-episode run will be broadcast on Sunday evenings, starting on 7 October.  An hour-long episode […]

Jacqueline Pearce RIP

Tributes are being paid to Jacqueline Pearce, who played Supreme Commander Servalan in TV sci-fi drama Blake’s 7, following her death at the age of 74. Pearce gained cult status […]

REVIEW: UFO: Destruction

UFO DESTRUCTION Episode Review by Bob Furnell Wow! That was a great episode. I really enjoyed that one. It’s been a bit of awhile since I last sat down and […]

REVIEW: DOOMWATCH: Re-entry Forbidden

RE-ENTRY FORBIDDEN Season 1, Episode 6 Reviewed by Bob Furnell Space travel.  Something that likely fascinates many of us.  But, what of the astronauts involved.  What types of strain and […]

ARTICLE: Omega The Lost Time Lord

Over the ages, man has created many gods to act as creators, teachers, and lawgivers. They are usually all seeing, all knowing, all powerful and generally perfect. Consequently, if these […]

REVIEW: Class The Novels

I’ve been playing a fun game lately, and asking anyone I know with a passing knowledge of Doctor Who (the ‘casual fans’ as they’re termed) to name the spin-off shows.  […]

REVIEW: Doomwatch Project Sahara

DOOMWATCH: PROJECT SAHARA Season 1, Episode 5 Project Sahara proves to be a rather interesting episode. It asks the question, “should computers be allowed the right to have the final […]

OVERVIEW: Is There A Doctor In The House?

One of the most fondly remembered early seventies Britcom’s was the London Weekend Television (LWT) Doctor series that began with the wildly popular Doctor In The House in 1969. For […]

REVIEW: Blake’s 7 Powerplay

Watching this episode takes me back to a time when Blake’s 7 was big business rather than the cult it has since become: while on holiday in the summer of […]

OVERVIEW: Pathfinders In Space Trilogy

Pathfinders was a trilogy of children’s space adventures packaged as part of ITV’s Sunday Family Hour in 1960-61. The serials were an early attempt at science fiction serials aimed at […]