John Barrowman has said that returning to the role of Captain Jack Harkness is always a “no-brainer”, just days after a leaked book synopsis hinted he could appear in Doctor Who series 13.

Recently interviewed for the official Doctor Who YouTube channel, Barrowman was asked what keeps him coming back to Captain Jack Harkness.

“I never thought as a young boy, when I watched Doctor Who in Glasgow on the sofa on a Saturday evening, that I would ever be part of the TARDIS team,” he said. “And then when I got the opportunity by Russell T Davies, he rang me up, I went to the audition and lo and behold they called me 20 minutes after and said: ‘You’re Captain Jack Harkness.’”

“Captain Jack changed my life. It was also a character who changed the face of television because we’d never seen anybody like him before, who was unapologetic about who he was and who he loved. It literally was groundbreaking. So, for me, Jack has not only been life-changing but Jack has opened up other doors for me.

“So that’s why, at the drop of a hat, if someone says to me: ‘We want you to come back and play Jack.’ Absolutely. It’s a no-brainer.”