Noel Clarke has addressed rumours that he could return to Doctor Who.  The actor who played the role of Mickey Smith on the sci-fi series between 2005 and 2010, has been subject to rumours that he could take over from Jodie Whittaker in the TARDIS as the 14th Doctor.

Appearing on today’s (April 23) Good Morning Britain, Clarke admitted that some recent comments were taken a bit overboard by the media.

“I do not think that is true at all,” he said. “Occasionally I will bump into some of the Doctors who are friends of mine, and I’ll post pictures, and I think people get excited.

“I was asked in an interview, ‘Would I ever consider it?’ Like any normal human, I said I would consider it, and then I think this furore [happened].”

Clarke went on: “I’ll put it out there, I will also consider – headlines – James Bond and any Marvel characters they want to give me, if that’s what people keep doing every time I say something.”