The popular actor is returning as the Ninth Doctor in a new series of audio adventures for Big Finish.

in a brand new interview on the Big Finish podcast, the popular actor has revealed just how excited he is about reprising the role – 15 years after he last played the iconic Time Lord in the first series of the revived show.

Speaking to Doctor Who’s voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs, who is an Executive Producer at Big Finish and has also written scripts for the new stories, Eccleston revealed that his return had been “seamless” thus far.

“I really enjoyed playing him again,” he said. “He was always a joy to play, somebody with that amount of optimism, enthusiasm and brains – and heart… two hearts!”

Eccleston went on to praise the scripts, which he described as “beautiful” – adding that the care and knowledge that had gone into them had played a huge part in easing him back into the role after such a long time away.

“That’s what made it feel seamless,” he said. “I felt that you [Briggs] understood what he was all those years ago – and so it was like putting on a pair of old shoes. Running shoes!”

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures – Volume One will be released in May 2021.