For some time, Canadian and American fans of the popular British sci-fi series Blake’s 7 have been wondering why the series has yet to appear on BritBox in North America especially as it is now a regular feature on the UK version of the streaming service. All of us at Chromakey HQ have been wondering this exact thing too, but there is a glimmer of hope out there.

In a recent post on the Gallifrey Base Doctor Who fan forum, Blake’s 7 fan David Busch revealed that he had contacted BritBox and posed the question to the service’s viewer relations and received the following response:

“Currently, [the] series is only available in the UK, although I know our content team is working on getting the streaming rights for the US and Canada. I’ll send this as a request to our team, but the legal side of things is complex and time-consuming. Hopefully, we’ll have good news for you soon!”

Well the above response doesn’t provide a definitive answer, it at least does confirm that BritBox is aware of the series and that they know Blake’s 7 is a series viewers want to see. Hopefully there’ll be a response to this soon.