Doctor Who Unlikely To Return To Production

While production on many TV series has been halted or delayed due to the on-going coronavirus, many Doctor Who fans are beginning to wonder when, or if, production will resume on the series 13th season.

The BBC sci-fi drama continues to be one of the broadcaster’s most popular programmes and after the most recent season came to an end earlier this year, viewers are keen to find out when the show might be back on-screen. However, back in June, while speaking to the Royal Television Society, Director of BBC Wales Rhodri Talfan Davies confirmed the series would be unable to return to filming as originally scheduled. Despite many programmes being able to be produced in a socially-distanced way, Doctor Who appears to be a much more hands-on production, which adds in even more challenges. On the subject of returning to production, Rhodri admitted to the organisation: ”It’ll be down to social distancing.”

Since Davies speech in June there has been no further news on the series return, however, there have been rumblings coming from the BBC that Doctor Who will not be returning to production any time soon.  A BBC source recently confirmed to Chromakey that, “fans should not expect the series to return for the foreseeable future, if at all.”

There has been rumoured speculation that the higher-ups within the BBC have not been entirely pleased with the series recent direction and its recent drop in viewer ratings.  Some executives have also expressed disappointment with the poor performance of show-runner Chris Chibnall and the series star Jodie Whittaker.  There seems to be a reluctance within the BBC to see the series return production the delay is actually a way for the BBC to quietly cancel the series, thus avoiding the same type of furor experienced with the cancellation back in 1985.