Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep Trailer Released

The new animated trailer for the classic Doctor Who story Fury From the Deep has been released.

The missing Patrick Troughton serial has been brought back to screens through animation, 50 years after since it was originally aired.

The story is the missing sixth serial of Doctor Who series six, a six-part adventure that was first aired in 1968. However, original tapes of the show went missing after broadcast, meaning no complete copy exists within the BBC archives.

Only snippets of footage and still images existed to represent the story, but off-air recordings of the soundtrack survived, so an animated recreation featuring the voices of the original cast has been possible.

Fury From the Deep centres on killer seaweed threatening to take over the world – seemingly lurking “in the darkness, in the pipeline, waiting”.

After the Second Doctor (Troughton) and companions Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) and Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling) materialise in the ocean off the eastern English coast, they soon become entangled with the colony of parasitic seaweed hell-bent on taking over humanity.

Killer seaweed has not appeared in the series since, but the story marks the first appearance of The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, as well as assistant Victoria’s last adventure in the TARDIS.