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It’s here!  Chromakey Issue 4 is now out and ready for purchase.

Issue 4 includes:

Interview with Kathryn Leigh Scott (Dark Shadows)
Steve Eramo talks with the actress who played Maggie Evans in the original 1960s series.

Interview with Ed Bishop (U.F.O./Captain Scarlet)
A **rare** interview with the actor from our archives

Interview with “Target Trawl” author Nick Mellish
Bob Furnell, Jez Strickley & Richard Peevers sit down for a chat with the author of the recently published “Target Trawl” book

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons:  What If There Was A Series Two
Fred McNamara speculates on what a second season of the series might have been like

Battlestar Galactica (Original series)
David Johnson steps back in time and takes a look at the classic 1970s American sci-fi series

The Curse of Fatal Death
Dan Tessier delves in and examines the 1999 Comic Relief/Red Nose Day special featuring Rowan Atkinson and Julia Swahalia

Northern Exposure: A Return To Cecily
Michael Scott Phillips gets retrospective regarding this quirky 90s American series

Replay: Farscape Premiere 
Our review panel turns their attention this issue to the debut episode of the highly popular series

Forgotten Classics: The Mad Death
Andrew Screen spotlights this little known 1983 BBC Scotland series

Doctor Who: Tinker Tailor Soldier Timelord
Don Klees discusses the shared similairities between the Fifth Doctor’s era and the classic drama “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”

From The Earth To The Moon
Matthew Kresal examines this landmark American television series

Doctor Who: A Hero In Time and Space – Part Two
David Johnson continues his in-depth examination of how the character of the Doctor changed over the years

Blake’s 7
Murray Smith reviews the episode “Project Avalon”

Zak Standridge asks if the series was merely a ‘Wagon Train’ to the stars

Columns, features and more

6×9 inch format | 100 pages
$9.99 CAD / $7.99 US / £6.00 UK / $11.25 AUD /€7.99 EUR
(P&P not included)

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