Bringing Back Star Trek: Voyager’s “Captain Proton” Series

Is Captain Proton making a comeback? Recently, Star Trek: Voyager stars Robert Duncan McNeill and Garrett Wang discussed possibly reviving their UPN TV show characters, TrekMovie reports.

McNeill and Wang played Tom Paris and Harry Kim, respectively, on Star Trek: Voyager. The sci-fi series ran on UPN from 1995 to 2001. The cast also included Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, and Jennifer Lien.

During a recent virtual panel, McNeill brought up the idea of a possible Captain Proton series. The Adventures of Captain Proton was a “holonovel” created by McNeill’s Voyager character Tom Paris and starring Wang’s character Harry Kim. The show-within-a-show emulated B-movies from the 1930s.

McNeill noted:

“I loved the Captain Proton holodeck stories. I thought there should have been a lot more of that, partially because I liked the character I got to play. That could have been an amazing thing to explore the story within the story. And it was such a great echo where we could make fun of ourselves; we could reference old Star Trek plotlines. We could have done so many things in the Captain Proton holodeck story. So yeah, I think there is a great opportunity to go revisit that.”

The Voyager star revealed that he has taken the idea to producers:

“I have talked seriously about that with David Goodman, who worked on Enterprise as a writer but is also on The Orville, where I got to direct a couple of episodes. I talked to Goodman about maybe writing that serial. I don’t know if it would be a CBS All Access thing or something that we could do that would be fun and silly and we can get our cast back together, which would be a blast.”