Doctor Who Boss Wants to Bring Back Classic Companions

In an all new interview with the Radio Times, Doctor Who series boss Chris Chibnall has revealed that he’d like to bring a few of the series classic companions back.

“To be honest, the canon of Doctor Who is filled with amazing characters,” Chibnall said. “I’d love to see Ace back, I’d love to see Tegan back, I’d love to see Amy and Rory… the list goes on.”

Sadly though, Chibnall noted, some of his absolute favourite characters wouldn’t be able to return after their actors had passed away.

“I would really love to bring back Sarah-Jane,” he admitted. “People working on the show now worked with Lis Sladen and everybody still remembers her so fondly and talks about her a lot. I would love to see her with the 13th Doctor.

“I would love to have brought back Harry Sullivan too, played by the wonderful Ian Marter from Tom Baker’s first season. I would have loved to see Sarah and Harry nowadays to check in with them. “It’s a credit to those actors,” he added. “They are indelible in my life and memories and those of many others. It’s so sad that they’re not with us anymore.”