Blake’s 7 Essays Wanted 

Do you have something interesting, unique or different to say about Blake’s 7? If so, Pencil Tip Publishing would like to hear from you. We are looking for essays on the subject of Blake’s 7 for our forthcoming book, “What The Fans Think: Blake’s 7”.

Essay’s can focus on any subject including covering any aspect of Blake’s 7. Feel free to talk about the special effects, the dynamics of the crew, the effect of the Federation on every day people, was Avon a good leader, etc. Other possible topics of discussion might include aspects of the series production, the writing, the series influence, or maybe even the series place in sci-fi television. The topics up for discussion are wide open. If none of those ideas interest, if you have an original idea and want to pass it by us, get in touch.

Essays should be approximately 2500-2750 words.

If you are interested in contributing an essay, please get in touch with Pencil Tip to discuss your idea.

The deadline to submit completed essays is February 1, 2020.

Please submit essays to or visit