Issue 2 Out Now!

Chromakey Issue 2 has just been released and is now available to purchase.

Chromakey Issue 2
Summer 2019

This issue includes:

MacGyver: Old vs New
Kathy Spoon compares the new versus the original MacGyver series

Doctor Who: A Hero In Time and Space
David Johnson delves into the early years of this long-running sci-fi series

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Remembering A Classic
Zak Standridge remembers this classic 90s American series

Paul McGillion Interview
Steve Eramo talks with actor Paul McGillion (Stargate ) in this exclusive interview

The Failed Genre TV Pilots of the 1970s: Part Two
Bob Furnell continues his look at the failed 70s genre TV pilots

The Prisoner: The Girl Who Was Death
Our panel examines this controversial episode from the Patrick McGoohan series

The Avengers: Tunnel of Fear
Michael Scott Phillips discusses the recently discovered first season episode starring Patrick Macnee and Ian Hendry

Michael Scott Phillips Interview
Bob Furnell sits down and chats with the author about his new book, “Quite, Quite Fantastic: The Avengers for Modern Audiences”

Sapphire & Steel: The Man Without a Face
Peter Gouldson examines what is considered the scariest serial screened during the series broadcast

Doctor Who and Television in the UK
Frank Danes discusses how Doctor Who played a role in the early days of British television

Forgotten Classics: Out of The Unknown
Andrew Screen goes back in time to examine the episode “The Machine Stops”

Discovering A New Star Trek
Kathy Spoon gets to grips with the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery”

Martin Hearn takes a look at Ronnie Barker’s final sitcom “Clarence”

Dead Head
Andrew Screen delves into this relatively forgotten British series

….and much more

Chromakey Issue 2 is available on a print on demand basis and can be ordered from by visiting this link to order.