Former Who Star Not A Fan of New Who

Frazier Hines, who played Second Doctor companion Jamie McCrimmon (1966-69) has publicly admitted that he’s not a fan of the current series.

“I’m old-fashioned – I don’t want to know about Rosa Parks, I don’t want to know about whether we’d done this we could have changed history and Kennedy might not have been shot,” he said. “I like bug-eyed monsters. Monster of the week, I want.”

“I loved it when it was episodic. Now it’s all in one – beginning, middle and an end. I liked it when it ended on a Saturday night and then Sunday in the park or on Monday in the school playground you’d be like, ‘What is going to happen? Doctor Who was caught there. Is the monster going to get him?  “Now it’s all wrapped up too quick. Just call me old-fashioned.”

Hines isn’t the only classic Doctor Who star who wasn’t a fan of the latest series, with Anneke Wills – who played companion Polly around the same time – admitting she struggled to adjust to the new episodes.

“I have to be honest… I think Jodie is lovely… [but] I watched most of the first one and then I let go, because it’s not my Doctor Who,” she said. “It’s new Doctor Who for the new world and I’m not part of it, really, anymore – except if they ask me to be in it!”