Chromakey Recommends “Andersonic”

All of us here at Chromakey are great fans of the British fanzine Andersonic (produced/edited by Richard Farrell) which is devoted to all things Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.  Each issue covers a variety of topics related to the Anderson’s productions, and we here heartedly recommend the fanzine.  With this in mind, we thought our readers may like to know that the magazine’s latest issue has just been released.

Andersonic Issue 24 is now available via (and eBay for a short period in the Collectibles > SF > Thunderbirds section) and features the following:

  • The Story of SIG – We look back at the rise of the 80s Anderson magazine and the early days of organised fandom featuring an interview with Dave Nightingale with contributions from Graeme Bassett, Graham Bleathman and Steve Kyte.
  • Thunderbirds’ Second Coming – take a closer look at the last 6 episodes of Thunderbirds and explore the changes on screen and behind the cameras. Do they still retain the essence of the best of the series?
  • Doppelganger – A look at an earlier version of the script – would the deleted scenes have improved the final film?
  • Space: 1999 – a critique of The Troubled Spirit by Fletcher Klimowski.
  • UFO – Mike Coldwell casts an eye over The Dalotek Affair.
  • Crater 101 – A new feature where we look at aspects of the Andersons’ work we’d like to dump… it’s like Room 101, but it’s a crater.
  • Stingray/ Marine Morals – Fred McNamara looks at the scheming ways of Stingray’s undersea adversaries.
  • Completism – What drives some fans to have every episode of the Andersons? Even Crossroads to Crime? Do you really need to have it all?
  • New UFO Comic Strip – Part 1 of a new strip story in colour.
  • Merchandise Reviews – we review recent CDs and books.
  • ‘Things You Do (when you’re a fan)’ and some other stuff.

Plus new artwork by Richard Smith and Jonathan Baxter.

Cover image by Peter O’Roarke.

Issue 24 comprises 44 pages with colour inner & outer covers.

Details on ordering can be found at