Further Adventures in the Star Trek Universe

With the second season premiere of  Star Trek: Discovery just a few months away, and that Patrick Stewart will be reprising his iconic Captain Jean-Luc Picard role in his own series, TV franchise producers have confirmed that fans will be hearing “a lot more” about a few other forthcoming Star Trek series.  In fact, when recently speaking to ComicBook, Trek producer Alex Kurtzman confirmed that fans will “be hearing a lot about” some brand-new TV projects in the very near future.

Meanwhile colleague, Heather Kadin, spoke more generally about how important new interpretations of Star Trek will be to the overall plans in the future. “I think the one thing we can say which is more general is that it’s been a real conscious effort that every project we do have its own voice and occupy its own space,” Kadin said. “I don’t mean its own space in canon, I mean its own tonal vision. Because you shouldn’t tune in to Discovery and wonder if you flipped the channel, that it was Picard. They should feel different, they should have different messages coming from different people.”