Open Submissions: Torchwood & Blake’s 7 Fans

Hey, are you a fan of Torchwood or Blake’s 7?

If so, you might want to take note of the new book series forthcoming from Pencil Tip Publishing.  They’re currently looking for contributors for their new series of review books.

A few details below…

WHAT THE FANS THINK is a new series of books from Pencil Tip Publishing where the fans will review and assess their favourite television series. Fan opinion can be extremely critical, often harsher than that of the meanest television critics. But when the fans love something, you know it. Praises are heaped in droves.

Each volume will concentrate on a specific show and will feature original reviews and analysis of every episode of that particular series. The fans will have their say on what they think are the best, worst and merely average, episodes of a series. You just might be surprised by what they have to say.

The first two books in the series, What the Fans Think: Blake’s 7, will concentrate on the 1978-81 sci-fi series “Blake’s 7” while the second book, What the Fans Think: Torchwood, will concentrate on the Doctor Who spin-off series “Torchwood”.

Details on how you can contribute to the Torchwood, or Blake’s 7, volume can be found here.