Canadian Doctor Who Fan Club to Fold

It appears the long-running Canadian Doctor Who fan club the Doctor Who Information Network (DWIN) is to cease operations effective October 31st.

As reported on the club’s official website the DWIN Executive revealed:

We have the sad news to tell you that Doctor Who Information Network’s era in Doctor Who fandom ends officially on October 31, 2018.

If there is one thing that Doctor Who has taught us, is that things have an end. Doctor Who fans are among the only ones who speak in terms of eras—the Tom Baker era; the David Tennant era; the Barry Letts / Terrance Dicks era; the Steven Moffat era. Now the DWIN era comes to a close

The Doctor Who Information Network began in 1980 out of the ashes of another bygone era, when Canadian and American Doctor Who fandom were part of the UK Doctor Who Appreciation Society. When the UK parent organization indicated they did not to supervise fan clubs abroad, DWIN took its place. It thrived in the 1980s, kept the torch alive in the 1990s and had a small renaissance in the 2000s with the dawning of the modern series.

But nothing is forever. Gradually DWIN’s time came to a close. There are a myriad of reasons: the generation of fans who had led it had families and personal life issues; it became too expensive to support a print fanzine; fandom found new means of expressing their interests. As a result, DWIN hasn’t been active since 2014, when it held its last formal event. It was time to admit that its era had come to an end.

As laid out in the by-laws of the organization when it was founded in the 1980s, any money on DWIN’s books after its dissolution will be donated to a charity related to sudden and unexpected infant deaths. This was done out of respect to the then-incumbent Doctor, Colin Baker, who had lost his son Jack to a crib death. We will honour the wishes of DWIN’s founders in this regard and will donate all our remaining money to Baby’s Breath (formerly SIDS Canada Foundation)

As we know from Doctor Who, this may be the end of DWIN, but it’s not for Doctor Who fandom in Canada and the US. There are plenty of organizations you can join, and many events and conventions where Doctor Who is celebrated. There are still lots of podcasts and blogs which one can enjoy. Other organizations will rise to take DWIN’s place.

For 38 years, the Doctor Who Information Network existed for the celebration and promotion of Doctor Who and its fandom. It was a privilege to do that.

This is a sad time for all of us who ever worked with DWIN, wrote for or read Enlightenment or Myth Makers, was part of a DWIN chapter or attended a Who Party. But a new season of Doctor Who is around the corner and there is much to celebrate as a Doctor Who fan.

As the first Doctor said, “…There must be no tears, no regrets. Just go forward in all your beliefs. And prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.”

Whotopia Senior Editor Bob Furnell remarked that “this is a very sad day in Canadian Doctor Who fandom.  While DWIN has been relatively quiet these past few years, they were a large focal point in Canadian fandom.  I’m extremely sad to hear of their demise.”

DWIN also published the fanzine Enlightenment which ran from (1980-2014).  The last issue of the fanzine to be published was issue 174 in 2014.

With DWINs departure, this leaves Canadian Doctor Who fans with no official fan organization.