Altered Carbon Greenlit for Season 2

Anthony Mackie

Altered Carbon will be back for a second season! After Netflix appeared to lose interest in the show after it dropped back in February, I convinced myself it would’t be back for another season.

But it’s going to be a very different show. Season one of Altered Carbon was based on the novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. While the first book is basically a sci-fi version of the Humphrey Bogart film noir The Big Sleep, the second book, Broken Angels, reads like a big budget sci-fi blockbuster.

I wonder how closely they’ll stick to the source material. We know Morgan has said they intend the show to run for five years, but there are only three books. At a season per book, that leaves two years unnacounted for (mind you, Morgan has said the TV show has revitalized his interest inTakeshi Kovacs—maybe more novels are on the way).

Also, if you’ve seen season one, you’ll know that Kovacs is in need of a new “sleeve” (that’s Altered Carbon-speak for “body”). In fact, the whole show is getting resleeved—it looks like most of the cast will be new. The only castmember they could bring back without much difficulty is Will Yun Lee as the original Kovacs. (I hope they do—he was fantastic in season one.)

Is any one else coming back? Well, Chris Connor—who played the hotel (yes, a sentient hotel—if you haven’t seen season one yet, do yourself a favor and binge it tonight)—is apparently dropping hints he might be back too.

What about Kovacs himself? He’s going to be played by Anthony Mackie. Having seen Mackie play the Falcon in a bunch of Marvel movies, I’m excited to see him front and center in season two of Altered Carbon. You might also remember him as Sanborn from Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker (and if you don’t, you should (re)watch that at once—it’s an incredible piece of filmmaking).

Well, I’m excited! If you’re itching to read more about Altered Carbon, make sure you pick up the next edition of Chromakey magazine (out soon!)the article “Wake Up! And Smell the Coffee” examines the themes and meaning of season one!