PREVIEW: Gary Conway Interview Issue 1

All of us here at Chromakey HQ are really excited as we’re in the final stages of putting together the very first issue of Chromakey.  We’ve got a host of material line-up for the first issue covering classic and current Cult TV such as The Starlost, Alterned Carbon, Lost In Space (old & new), A Very British Coup and lots more.

Plus, the debut issue features an exclusive interview with actor Gary Conway, who back in the late sixties, was cast as the lead in the popular Irwin Allen sci-fi TV series Land of the Giants (1968-70). His character of Steve Burton was the captain of a commercial spaceship flight from London to New York and who, along with six others on board—as well as a dog named Chipper—crash-landed on a planet that very much resembled Earth but was inhabited by a race of giants.  Gary sits down and chats with Steve Eramo in this extensive interview.

Chromakey Issue 1 will be available Winter 2019.