PENCIL TIP PUBLISHING is pleased to announce our very first magazine, Chromakey.

Following in the tradition of past classic TV-related publications as: Timescreen, The Frame, DWB and Action TV, Chromakey will be an updated, modern, twenty-first century version.

Each issue will feature a variety of written material including: articles, reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, analysis, features, etc.  that is informative, in-depth, detail orientated and retrospective.  While material will be of a more serious-tone, the magazine will endeavour to remain entertaining and informative – you won’t find material that is lightweight, frothy, irrelevant, overly dry or scholarly.  Articles will be not only of interest to the archive television enthusiast, but also to the general fan of television as well. Contributors will be encouraged to ‘speak their mind’ or offer an unpopular opinion on a subject.  Our subject matter will be treated with respect and seriousness.

Chromakey will be published twice per year, and edited by Richard Peevers and Bob Furnell.

Our first issue is due for publication in Fall 2018.